A simple static site generator

A simple static site generator
A simple static site generator
mkws A simple static site generator Quickstart On a Linux machine, in a terminal: curl -so – https://mkws.sh/mkws@4.0.14.tgz | tar -xzvf – mv ws.sh example.com && cd example.com echo “hello, world” > index.upphtml bin/mkws https://example.



AI for the command line, built for pipelines. LLM based AI is really good at interpreting the output of commands and returning the results in CLI friendly text formats like Markdown. Mods is a simple tool that makes it super easy to use AI on the command line and in your pipelines.


5 Inbuilt Bash Variables That Ev

5 Inbuilt Bash Variables That Every Developer Should Know
Developers typically use Bash to write shell scripts by invoking other programs as commands and adding inbuilt Bash language features. Also, every Unix or Unix-like system user uses Bash to communicate with the operating system via GUI terminal programs.


Intro to Bash scripting for scra

Intro to Bash scripting for scraping and automation – Trickster Dev
Bash is a Linux/UNIX program that reads users commands from the users, parses them and executes the appropriate programs through OS-specific APIs. Since it covers these APIs and provides some extra features on top of them this kind of program is called a shell.